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by Debbie Twomey on August 8, 2013



Music soothes the savage beast—so the saying goes. Well it also soothes the crying baby. Music has an effect on the brain that is still being studied but for most mothers, we know what it does.

Here is a very simple example: I take care of Mouse who is 22 months and Josh who is three. Like most kids they are great at messing things up but not so eager to clean them up. Josh’s mother and I discovered that if we sing the tune, “Clean up clean up everybody do your share,” they clean it all up. Adding musical notes made the chore fun.

I have always incorporated music into the care of children. When I had my own daycare, people would see my little babies at outdoor concerts and tell me, “we recognized them as one of yours by how they were rocking in their strollers.”

Almost every day I had some sort of music in my home—whether it was in the background or for dancing and playing. Children learn through repetition and music is a fun way to teach a lesson. Children’s tunes are meant for a child to easily understand and respond to their messages. One of the first ones I ever teach is “Itsy Bitsy Spider.”

Every child responds differently but all respond positively. Joshie is a savant when it comes to music and can repeat notes back after hearing them only one time. My granddaughter McKenna just loves to rock to the music but I have to say one of her favorites is not a nursery rhyme. Her favorite tune right now is “My Songs Know What You Did” by Fall Out Boys. She loves the part that says “I’m on fire,’ but I think it is because of my reaction. I get all excited and throw up my arms and so does she. She loves to do what her Nonna does.

When I researched this topic I discovered scientific proof of what I have witnessed for many years. There is a “correlation between music making and some of the deepest workings of the human brain. Research has linked active music making with increased language discrimination and development, math ability, improved school grades, better-adjusted social behavior, and improvements in spatial-temporal reasoning, a cornerstone for problem solving.” (http://www.barnesandnoble.com/u/jackie-silberg-importance-of-music/379002449/)


Music helps connect the cells in almost every region of the brain. So its effects are not only soothing, comforting and bring pleasure but music serves a very important purpose in a child’s development.

Music influences and develops:                                                                                                17981357_s

Physical skills – movement, rocking dancing and playing instruments like homemade drums or paper towel rolls as horns improve both fine and gross motor skills. (I discovered when my daughter was having difficulty at age 3 handling children’s scissors that piano lessons would help her fine motor skills. It also helped her with math in sequencing the musical notes as well as socially by interacting with a new teacher. It also taught her emotional maturity when she had her first recital at age 5 and wanted to learn a 2-hand song to keep up with older students)

Emotional skills that affect social skills by responding themselves to circumstances and also in relation to others

Music can provide a basis in perceptible learning necessary for sciences and math

Creativity and imagination — children learn to improvise or make their own instruments and play sing along with the music. Many of my kids loved being in their own parades and marching all over the house. Or they would dance making up our own little 2 steps.

Language skills are learned phonetically when children follow a tune. Just watch a child sing a song and how it helps them in understanding and forming words

Comprehension naturally develops as they gain more accuracy in listening and learning new songs. These new skills are important for their next new step—reading


Most people love music and we learn that from an early age. From the mobile over our cribs, to Mom’s lullabies, to listening to our parent’s choices on the radio/cell phone/iPod—we are exposed to different types of music. It can calm your fussy baby or it can give your toddler an outlet for playing and learning. From my point of view music is the most well-rounded, interesting and fun way to learn so much of what we will need throughout our lifetime.  Let’s sing a song.


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