A Baby’s Pain -A Search for the Source

by Debbie Twomey on October 1, 2012


My sweet little McKenna was screaming and I was searching for the source of this baby's pain.If you read my last blog you know I was frantic to discover why my sweet little granddaughter was screaming hysterically and in obvious pain. Did you figure it out?
Remember I had thought I would place her in the tub where I knew she always felt comfortable and hoped it would help.I quickly undressed her and removed her socks and shoes this time. I placed her in the tub and she was still crying but it was easing a bit. I saw that she could not stand and would not let me touch her left foot. It was then that I finally noticed what I had missed all along. Can you guess what it was? I sure had no clue.
Her left foot was all purple and the toes were very red. At first I thought maybe she broke her foot (just as her mother had when she was 1 years old due to having hip antiversion and undeveloped kneecaps). McKenna had been toeing in since she stared crawling and even dragged that left foot rather than use it until she took her first steps at 8 1/1 months. That had to be the cause of my baby's pain.
But I was wrong. It seems the answer was a bit simpler. Earlier, just before she laid down for her nap, McKenna had loosened her sneaker. I saw her walking and pushing her foot back down into it and all seemed fine. But I did not see that she had curled her toes into the tongue which was now bunched in the top of her shoe. So, for almost 2 hours, her toes were cramped into her sneaker and I cannot imagine how much that was hurting her. But, I sure knew when it got worse.
I cannot tell you how helpless and awful I felt watching her scream in pain and not knowing what it was or what I could do to relieve it for her. I know many parents understand what I am saying. I was so stressed and worried and all I wanted to do was take her pain away.
Parents cannot imagine what it will feel like to watch your child suffer until it happens (who would want to?). A baby's pain is unbearable to witness. But, when something does happen, are we prepared?
Check points:
  • Check for injury such as burn or cut
  • Check their temperature and behavior (are they grabbing their ear to indicate an earache)
  • Check their limbs to make sure they did not hurt a joint
  • Have they had a regular bowel movement or has it been too long
  • Strip search—from head to toe to eliminate any doubt of what it could be
  • If they cannot be soothed and the cries increase it is time to think about going to the ER.
As I write, I know of one special little boy whose whole life has been filled with pain. Little Easton Friedel was born with Epidermal Bullosa. His skin blisters from even a parent’s gentle touch. Because of Facebook, we have all seen the videos of what he and his family are going through and I cannot imagine how his family must feel. I watch the video and see the photos and I cry for him and for how the family must suffer right along with him.
I only heard my baby cry and scream in pain for 2 hours and I could not bear it. Easton’s whole life has been filled with pain so my heart and all of my prayers and hopes are with the Friedel family at this time.
Miss Mouse was fine after 15 minutes in the water, but it took me a bit longer to recover. We were lucky that was all it was but it reminded me that we never know what is next when we have a child. Be prepared and stay strong. Your baby's pain can send you in search of the source and you will hurt right along with them. But, feel fortunate once you find the reason for their pain and if it is finally eased.
Butterfly boy Easton, we keep you in our prayers.


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Ellen Barbagallo October 1, 2012 at 6:11 pm

I cannot even imagine how you felt going through your Granddaughter’s pain and not being able to take that awful pain away:(¬† Your check points are well worth everyone reading and maybe having them¬†posted on your Frig, in your bathroom or where ever you can quickly get to them.
Baby EASTON our prayers are with you every hour of every day and with your family.


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