A Change Is In The Air!

by Debbie Twomey on November 14, 2013

new friends

Saying good bye is never easy. The kids Josh and McKenna—(best friends) are only 2 and 3 so they may not realize for some time that things have radically changed. But I will notice and my heart is struggling to accept that change is in the air—for me and for Miss Mouse. And we just got know little Miss Sarah Grace and come to love her so much.


I had a whole other blog written until my business lunch Monday afternoon. I can’t say why sadness is so overwhelming; it is not like I have not gone through such changes a few too many times. I think it was the comfort and the support of being so darn close—just 20 feet away and losing that proximity. I just enjoyed that and came to depend on it. Perhaps I got too comfortable.

The previous blog I had in mind was rather negative and certainly full of self pity. I should have known, once again my friends would open my eyes and my mind. True, I won’t be able to go out the door and just see their faces and talk or hug the kids. And no, Miss Mouse won’t have her playmate right outside her window. These facts are sad; it has been wonderful having such good and loving friends right next door. I will always miss that.

But as is the usual course of things, Mary brought me back to my senses. This does not mean there will be no tears shed or my heart will not ache for the place they once were. It just means they will geographically be at a greater distance. I know this a new adventure for them. They are a young family and certainly more mobile and flexible than this crusty old broad. But I seem to have forgotten, that person that moved away from good friends so often—-that was ME.

So now, just because I am settled and not wanting to pack one more suitcase or box does not mean others are the same. It is not as if we will not still be communicating weekly. I will still be a contractor with their companies and I will still be Mary’s Virtual Assistant. And there will be trips back and forth to Florida. I guess I had just gotten a bit complacent and comfortable with the geography—you know,–those 20 feet are pretty great when you need someone Right Now.

But Mary took me to task Monday at our working luncheon. Boy did she! I felt like a scolded little girl who could not get her way. I needed this though because it gave me a chance to open my eyes and see this change for what it is—a new step in all our lives. I knew deep down inside, truly I did but I just did not want to have to say goodbye—even if it only meant miles between us, not the end.

I think losing 2 very close friends this summer just made it a bit more difficult to accept. We all know the older we get the more prepared we better be for goodbyes, they are inevitable and increase with time. My heart does not want to know this- plain and simple.

Then there is McKenna. It is Me who values the closeness she has with Joshua and how she came to care for Jay and Mary as part of our family. I just wanted as much continuity for her as I could possibly have. I did not want her to have her first goodbye so young—I know she not only loves Joshie as her best buddy but like her very own big brother. I relied on the security it has given this precious little girl who needs it more than a little bit right now. I am only one person and it has been amazingly awesome to have her surrounded by such concern, support and love as we have been with the Carters. They are a major part of the community that has protected and nurtured this angel.

So, while I am so very happy that God has blessed my friends and answered their prayers, I am saddened at the change this will bring about in my home. And no matter how I wrap that little present, it is still breaking my heart to know tomorrow I will yet again watch friends drive away and change what was an amazing miracle. Out of all the people that could have moved in next door those 4 short years ago, it was Jay and Mary Carter. The fact that I lived in the house Mary (and not knowing anything about Mary or her mom Terri) grew up in the first 5 years I lived in Fulton is just one of the fascinating details of this friendship that was meant to be.

These friends came into my life just in time. They rescued me from the mundane and the concern of where my life was headed and what the heck was I going to do with my life. I was exposed to Young Living oils (and became a distributor), trained by Dani Johnson, became a Social Media Manager & Virtual Assistant and am training under Sandi Krakowski, have my own website and product/services—all of which I never even had a hint existed for me. Or that I would be good at them. Not to mention the time and training directly under both Mary and Jay—invaluable skills I will use for the rest of my life.

my little man    As if this were not enough they entrusted me with the most precious commodity—their first baby, Joshua Truman Carter. I have been with Josh since he was 2 weeks old and just     cannot imagine what it will be like only seeing him occasionally rather than daily. I hope he does not forget Miss Debbie.


So—yes I am going to cry. I am going to wail when I am alone and miss the hell out of these people I have come to love so much. And God help anyone who tells me I can’t—because the simple truth is—I will miss our life the way it was—the most comfortable and close knit community of support and love I have had in a very, very long time. No make that EVER.                                      

Mouse and I will be looking out our window hoping to see your faces for a long time to come but we wish you well on your travels and want you to know we cannot wait to see you again. We love you Jay, Mary, Joshua and Sarah Grace—how blessed have we all been to have shared this time together. How truly blessed! God speed.









The Carter's

You will be missed




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Ellen Barbagallo November 14, 2013 at 12:43 pm

You made me cry when reading your story.  I too, will miss one of the most loving families that I have ever met.  I do not like goodbyes either, but I will keep them in my heart and will think of them so very often.  I know you are taking this very hard Debbie my BFF and I will be by your side whenever you need me.  I may have to go through this myself some day if you decide to widen your horizons, but hopefully you will not move so far away.  Thank goodness for skype!!!




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