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Debbie Twomey has dedicated her life to the care and welfare of children across the U.S. and the journey has been a growing and learning experience that she feels privileged to share with others. She not only incorporates her professional experience, but her personal trial and errors to allow you to understand that the evolution of parenting is not always without its speed bumps. Debbie implements imagination, education and experience to bring her unique wisdom simply and efficiently by addressing the specific needs of parent’s world-wide. She blends functional and worthwhile pointers that can save you time and money. Her pointers withstand vigorous and energetic kids, are practical and easy to apply and pretty straightforward. 
Are there questions you need answered or stories you'd love to hear regarding parenting?
Social Media is a new direction in Debbie's life as a result of her work as a Virtual Assistant. Debbie is passionate about children and social media offers insights and tips for blogging. She now offers her services as your personal social media manager. She is now training with Sandi Krakowski as a writer who will assist parents who blog to manage their social media platforms and increase their REACH.
In the past 25 years, she accumulated training and experience in: 
  • Family Assistant and Home School teacher for the Head Start program
  • Proprietor of DJ's Depot–7 years running her own daycare home
  • Foster Parent /Adoptive, single parent
  • Currently- Nanny for 2 year old boy
  • Graduate of Oswego State University in 2004 
  • First Steps to Success Training
  • Creating a Dynasty                                                                                                                   
  • Grooming the Next Generation
  • The Nurturing Approach to Parenting
  • WordPress I &II
  • Social Media Certified
  • Virtual Assistant trained with Sandi Krakowski
  • Distributor and Silver with Young Living

Are you ready to link up with the ever-increasing and exciting world of Social Media and put your business on the map?

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