Breast Cancer

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At almost 62 years old I find myself on a new journey in my life. Granted, this is not one of my choosing but as they say, "it is what it is." CANCER! The very word strikes fear in my heart. I have just been diagnosed with breats cancer. I had the mammogram, sonagram and breast biopsy and there is no doubt, the tumor in my right breast is cancerous. It is a good sized mass and because of the myriad of problems I have had physically I totally missed it for quite awhile. 

I hope to share my feelings, treatment and recovery in the coming months believing that if just one woman finds comfort or a kindred spirit in all of this, it is worth the time to write. 

In discovering my cancer, I have also discovered the many other women who have faced this same fear. I am in in shock and awe at just how many women there are with breast cancer. Too many! I pray I discover a strength and faith I never knew I had to fight htis battle.

I welcome all comments, experiences and advice from those women who know what I am facing and who are willing to share. And my prayers are with all of you as you struggle and as I hope so many of you will—-WIN!


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