Communication, Sign Language, and Social Media

by Debbie Twomey on June 5, 2012


There are some who are not sure what social media is or what the term actually means. For those, here is a simple explanation. It is communication!  
Whether you are a baby trying to let your Mommy know you are hungry, or a company trying to get your message or product out to others—it takes Communication Skills.
The basic needs of a baby are usually understood within days of its birth—hunger, tired, or wet. Crying is their only way of communicating.  But as the baby grows, their need to let us know what they want becomes more complicated and more urgent. At least to that baby.  So what is the easiest way to help your child communicate their need or wants? Sign language
Babies’ pre-verbal communication is made easy with signing. Baby sign language helps babies who are not quite ready to speak but are ready to communicate—a sort of bridge gap (so to speak).  Your baby can let you know when they are ready for milk or sleepy (tired). Sign language is easy to learn and so simple for your child to use.
Many researchers believe that sign language gives your child a great beginning to communicating. It may also lead to better cognitive skills and is recognized as a second language. Imagine the start you give to your child’s life and learning. You are expanding their vocabulary and their world.
By teaching your baby to sign, you give them a "tool to communicate effectively". Signing saves both parent and child frustration and allows a connection to be made where understanding is the aim. Meeting that goal serves 2 needs: a way for your baby to get exactly what they need without having to cry for it and the first step to expressing a want. A baby has to have time for its vocal chords to develop; it is part of the growing process. Learning simple hand gestures is so much easier for them to do and understand.  Baby steps are how we all begin, in any facet of Life.
Not being able to communicate is very frustrating for anyone. Lacking the ability to communicate your feelings or wishes is the same experience for child and adult alike. There is a definite benefit to giving your baby the gift of expressing their needs.
In the business world, that is what social media managing is all about.  It bridges the gap between social medias (Facebook, Twitter, Google, Pinterest, etc.) and your business, in a social and personal context. This bridge is completed through online, websites, smart phones, and emails. The goal is sharing what you have to offer to as many people as possible.
Understanding your needs and desires is what a social media manager does and we pass this onto your clients through effective communication. Becoming socially visible through online engagement is the newest and one of the best ways to educate, share, and connect with your customers.
Social media is the perfect way to concentrate on your message and then communicate that to a wide variety of people. A social media manager's objective is to provide your brand with a voice. Our sign language is @, #, and .com.  Discover others at
There is no need for babies or businesses to be frustrated when they want to communicate—it is as simple as sign language. Become an successful communicator with the help of a great Parent/Manager–an welcome to the world of interaction and connections.


"I have dedicated my life to the care and welfare of children. I feel privileged to share what I have learned with you. I am also committed to continuously learning.  I will keep informed of the latest information in parenting children from newborns to teens and pass it on to all of you.”   I will also use that same passion to help you create a dynasty generate increases in your business with straightforward and specialized media managing skills that guarantee your connection and scope will grow. Keep up to date reading our posts and discover valuable insights that can make parenting and succeeding in the business of the blogger– the most exciting adventure. (Debbie Twomey)


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Ebarbagallo June 5, 2012 at 11:32 am

Debbie, what wonderful information again!!

I have numerous times seen you use the sign language with children and I KNOW that it works.  Wish I had the knowledge or had the opportunity to learn about this when my children were infants.

It has been successful for you and many other people, I am sure, and many more people will learn much from this blog.


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