Happy Halloween

by Debbie Twomey on October 31, 2013



I am a great believer in making memories as often as we can. Of course, I have to photograph those memories so I can look at them again and again.  Halloween is a great time to make some boootiful memories.I love when we have a Happy Halloween.

Some parents take the holiday seriously and make these elaborate costumes. I remember one of my daycare kids, Ari, His mom Roberta made a dinosaur costume from scratch. It was adorable. I have that photograph in my kid’s album.

I was never as talented as my mom with sewing or making things from scratch. My daughter’s costumes were either dance costumes we got at garage sales or a costume a friend gave to us. One year she was Tigger, the next year she was a flapper girl (her favorite). But, I made sure I made the costume as well as the night, a memory to treasure.

We are our children’s memory keepers. We store their childhood memories (because they will not truly remember many of the things they do when they are small) and we bring them out when we want to be reminded or when they are ready. This became all too painfully clear to me when my mother died. She was our MEMORY. She knew things about us that died with her. Unless we shared that story there is so much we may never know.

Dr. Leanne Deardeuff recently blogged about family history and the importance of sharing our stories with our children, as well as keeping up communication as a family. (http://doctorleanne.com/strengthening-family-ties/) I believe it  is important to share these stories as well as family traditions(http://www.debbietwomey.com/traditions-memories-keepsakes-how-to-save-moments).

Halloween is one of our family traditions. It is also an event that many families are phasing out because of their religious beliefs or simply because they do not see the point. I am not really in agreement because it was one of my favorite childhood times as well as a great event for my daughter and me.  We used to go around our small street, stop to see relatives and then off to the nursing home where my Grandma resided. No matter what the weather we could always go to nursing home and the residents just loved seeing all the kids and passing out candy.

Now, my granddaughter and I are going to celebrate her 3rd Halloween. At 2 years old she will understand a bit better. The first 2 years all I did was dress her up and show her off. This year she will go a couple neighborhood blocks and she already knows how to say “trick or treat.” But, she insists that the ghosts are all sleeping and they better stay that way.

It is not really about the candy yet (though she does love M&Ms) but about seeing all the other kids and having fun with her Aunt E and myself. We will around Aunt E’s neighborhood for a half hour or so and then go back and pass out candy. Miss Mouse gets to see lots of kids and run around the yard (weather permitting). Maybe next year we will join in a church “trunk or treat” or the mall.

I love making boootiful memories with McKenna. We hope you all have a safe and Happy Halloween! 



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