HootSuite–The Basics of the Owly

by Debbie Twomey on September 5, 2012


Do you know what HootSuite and Owlys are? If you are in social media you should. HootSuite is a major component in helping social media create open communication between customers and businesses. It helps make brands more approachable and available to so many more people than ever before.
HootSuite helps you schedule and monitor communication all in one dashboard. It offers immediate results so that you can check out what posts are working and those that are not. It makes it possible to organize your social media strategy all within one platform.
HootSuite is a social media management system for brand managing created by Ryan Holmes in 2008. The system’s user interface takes the form of a dashboard, and supports social network integrations for Twitter, Google+, Facebook (several pages within Facebook), Foursquare, LinkedIn, and WordPress.”
HootSuite has recently added integration through the HootSuite App (application) directory that can support Digg, Flickr, YouTube, Tumblr and more. They also offer HootSuite University for those who want to learn more about using HootSuite and become certified.

Hootsuite is an innovative way for organizing several social media networks. It is free to begin and offers:
  • ·         5 social profiles
  • ·         2 RSS feeds
  • ·         Message scheduling
  • ·         Free quick report
      They also offer a Pro version for $9.99 a month:
  • ·         Unlimited social profiles
  • ·         2 free users
  • ·         Google analytical integration
  • ·         Integrate with Facebook business page insights
  • ·         1 free enhanced report
  • ·         Message scheduling
  • ·         2 free users

HootSuite is a quick, efficient way to get your message onto multi- social media platforms. You can send a message directly as you write or schedule it for a later time. You can also send it to one media or several at the same time.

The posts can be words or images. If your posts are going to Twitter it is best to shorten the link by cutting and pasting it into the “add link” box. This will shorten it and create what is known as an “Owly.” Owlys make it possible to get your message and link out within the 140 character limit of Twitter. It also makes it easy for other tweeters to respond within that post.

To add an image you just click on the paper clip and upload the image of your choice. This can be a photograph or the popular inspirational graphics seen on Facebook.

 In social media managing it is important to get your message and product out to as many people as possible. Your goal is to “reach” your target audience. For example: if you write about shoes and your product is either shoes themselves or ways to save money on purchasing shoes, you want to reach people who are interested in shoes and saving money. The way to do this is through your social media, either yourself and with a trained social media manager.

HootSuite offers:
  • 1.       Consistency and engagement
  • 2.       Managing online brands and send media messages to various social platforms
  • 3.       Interfacing that allows regular posts of blogs and status updates
  • 4.       Communication between you and followers on the social medias
  • 5.       A dashboard  setup that’s user -friendly
  • 6.       Measures  results of your activity by analytics
  • 7.       Helps media teams to engage audiences
  • 8.       Provides security for social media activity
  • 9.       Offers newsfeed and mentions in various medias
  • 10.    Scheduling in advance

HootSuite gives you a simple and effective way to interact with your customers and provide access to your product. It is one of the best ways to brand yourself for maximum engagement and successful results.

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