Kamikaze Kids

by Debbie Twomey on May 23, 2013



Did you ever spend time just watching young children play? I am so privileged to see it every single day and even after over 40 years taking care of children I can still be surprised and even a bit awed. Josh and McKenna found a new game to amuse themselves, the Kamikaze Kids.

They are a little more than 18 months apart in age but get along so well. Yes, they will argue over a certain toy but Josh usually gives in to McKenna’s frantic scream (who wouldn’t it is so high pitched?). I am working on curbing that scream but it seems she thinks she is being corrected for something else and not the SCREAM. It is taking a bit to teach her.

The other day these 2 came up with a fun game all on their own. Each would get into a chair and then one at a time; throw themselves on the floor like “miniature kamikazes.” They did this for over an hour and giggled the whole time.

I video-taped them but what I saw in the viewfinder may not have transcended into the video:

  • I saw two innocents basking in the glow of each other’s company.
  • I saw a budding friendship
  • I saw two little kids falling down in fits of giggles
  • I saw a toddler boy and girl reaching an understanding we adults sometimes overlook or cannot attain.
  • I saw imagination creating such laughs between two treasured friends.
  • I saw a little girl, who adores this little boy; find a way to make him laugh.
  • I saw an older “brother” playing sweetly with his “little sister.”
  • I saw simplicity and life at its best.

They say “Youth is wasted on the young.” I understand the concept—but I sure do envy the young their innocence and playfulness. These two who made up their own little kamikaze game and found such pure pleasure that I wished I could go back in time and fall down on the floor with them.

“Look out below!”


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