Pinterest (Part II) – Managing Business and Personal Content

by Debbie Twomey on May 18, 2012

Now that we have learned about Pinterest let’s see what fun we can have and how we can incorporate that into our business. The secret is in setting up your profile, creating interesting boards and relating it all back to your business in a personal way.
It is best to use your business name as your profile, or have your business prominent within your name.  You can put your personal name and add your business or just use your business name as your user name.  An example is   so you not only recognize my name but it is also my business name and tells you a bit about what it is I do.
Adding your website URL ( on your profile is just another way of insuring search engine and those seeking what you have to offer can you find you –quickly and without hassle. As Sandi Krakowski teaches, “all roads should lead to your business.”
When you are setting up your profile page, be sure to add what you do and your interests in the ABOUT box. And if you have a theme/banner in your business, website, Facebook, Twitter, and other social media’s personal photograph, try to stay consistent with that. This just makes a searching and recognizing you easier.
The next steps are fairly basic. You want to connect your Pinterest to your Twitter and Facebook pages. You can do this by making sure the buttons on your profile page are ON. Also add a Pinterest (Follow me on Pinterest) button to your personal page as well as the Pinterest App on your Facebook business page.
  • Pin Pin Pin–  Pin often and pin at a steady pace. When I first started pinning, I went at it all at once and then kind of slowed down but I have since discovered it is better to keep pinning even if it is only a couple of pins at a time.
  • Increase your exposure by pinning often.
  • Creating boards that are interesting and visually aesthetic insures effective engagement with a variety of other pinners, not just those who have a common activity but exposing others to something new.
  • Make not only your boards interesting but come up with creative expressions for those boards. Pinterest offers you a few topics but make them your own and personalize what each board represents. These boards are a reflection of your likes and what you find worth viewing. The title can be descriptive but short. I know I have been drawn to another person’s boards just by the title—I want to check out what the board is all about.
  • Change up the image for your boards. Pinterest has the option to place the boards in the order you wish as well as which image will be seen when a pinner first sees that board. I have found the placement of an eye-grabbing image is essential to my wanting to look at the rest of that board
  • You can get images from a variety of places: Google images, other pinners, you can even upload your own images and photos
  • Tagging other users in your pins can be done by adding @ and their name when you describe the pins
  • Network with other pinners that you already have as friends/clients/business associates
  • REPIN-simply put, you just go to a fellow pinner’s page and click on the repin and add to one of your boards. It is always better to comment and LIKE those pins too but you can just comment and LIKE a pin without repinning. When you repin, comment or LIKE that pinner receives an email showing that is what you did
  • You can promote, without being obnoxious, your own blog or products, just be sure to do it in a professional and not over-exposed manner
  • Add a description to your pins and repins—make it interesting even when it is promoting a business for someone else
  • You can make special and holiday boards for your products, seasonal promos or specials for Christmas or other holidays
  • There are options to check who you follow (top of your page) or your recent activity (left sidebar)
  • Using images within your blog posts insures you can be pinned and this is a very valuable tool to keep your website “pinable” Choose images that are compelling and can stir the viewer
  • Share your pins on your Facebook page—Pinterest has its own browser marklet that does this for you
  • Make this a fun and interesting experience for you and your fellow pinners
Never underestimate the power of “Visual engagement” and start your own Pinterest account. Share personal hobbies and things that just make you smile so that your clients can see all sides of who they may be choosing for future business connections. Pinterest is the best of all worlds– social media with visuals that are relatable, personal insights, sharing of interests and effective business communication.

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Teri Nichols May 18, 2012 at 6:19 pm

Thank You for this detailed information!


Ebarbagallo May 23, 2012 at 6:24 pm

I am now a pinning fool thanks to you Debbie:)


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