Pinterest Power (Part III)

by Debbie Twomey on May 22, 2012

We have discovered the great fun that Pinterest can be and how it can affect your business. Now, there are just a few more points to maximize the Pinterest experience for businesses. Pinterest’s appeal is the concept of “scrapbooking” (or as I like to refer to it “scrapboarding”). It makes sense that more women Pin and let’s face it –we represent a major purchasing force in the United States today.

One of the simplest ways to have Pinterest assist with your business is too link it to your Facebook fan page.  We previously mentioned that you can add the Follow Me on Pinterest button on your page. Another way is to add the Pin it button appears on your website. If you have WordPress as we do, there is a Pinterest widget that can be installed. If you are unfamiliar with widgets, is an amazing website designer that offers assistance in setting your widgets.
You can also incorporate your Pinterest with Facebook’s timeline and whatever you pin to your wall is automatically posted on your timeline page. Just as on Facebook, being yourself is what matters most. Your pins should reflect your tastes and interests so that people can see what you are all about.

Pinterest features a convenient page for pinners. It contains: Pinners who follow you, Everything (all the Pinterest topics), Videos, Popular (clicking on that link sometimes gives you more ideas of what you might want to pin) and Gifts (pages with items that can be purchased and various price ranges—usually the website you can go to is contained within that pin).
You can check out site traffic statistics and discover what days and times are best for important pins to drive traffic more thoroughly. This allows you to view the likes, comments and repins to determine what is most effective and what may not be doing as well.

One of things I have discovered is that inserting “keywords” into my pins makes it easier for others that share a similar interest to locate. I try to credit where the image came from though I have not always done that as often as I should. This creates relationships between you and others in that particular subject. We also mentioned the advantage to crediting others by using @ and their names. This will benefit you as well, once pinners reciprocate this “pin manners.”

Page Features:
Find friends and follow
Link to Twitter
Hide from search engines
Blog (you can share your Pinterest blog stories)
Find out who is pinning your boards at
You can add images to your LIKE section without repinning
Add a contributor to your board—this one has many advantages. You can invite your staff to be a contributor and share your company’s information and keep your staff engaged too. By creating a business board that includes staff contributions as well as valuable information regarding your company, service and products, you will expand the audience you reach and drive traffic to your website.

Pinterest is making creativity a valuable tool and more rewarding than most of us are aware of. There are many inventive and imaginative ways businesses can make image sharing an effective marketing resource. You can gather all the latest news and information in your special niche and become the “expert” to follow.

Ideas that make Pinterest a priceless social media:
  • Create company boards
  • Thank you or Appreciation boards for clients or staff.
  • Announce newest trends or projects
  • Tutorials, How To or Workshop boards
  • Company mission statement and inner workings board
  • Create your own Pinterest shop—adding a price $ features that page in the GIFT section on Pinterest
  • Create holiday card/boards
  • Contests—best pinner, most repins, best board ,“best suggestion” Name that repin” contest,  Funniest face (personal photos) what image or service board interested you the most and why or which board made you think or smile or even cry (especially if your business is wellness, coaching, relationships)and so much more
  • Create a comment or interaction board for your clients
  • Research your best clients boards and if you use their ideas, always be sure top credit them
  • Pinterest campaigns—the best followers or most repins and include a product incentive
  • Promote top clients boards
  • Establish a personal and professional voice that is unique, motivating, and P-interesting

Pinterest is a way to combine social media and business by engaging your audience in a simple, exciting and fun way and generate interest and traffic to your company through the simplicity of “scrapboarding.”. Be sure to include descriptions for search engines and be inventive in the pins and boards you create. Let Pinterest drive traffic to your business today.

"I have dedicated my life to the care and welfare of children. I feel privileged to share what I have learned with you. I am also committed to continuously learning.  I will keep informed of the latest information in parenting children from newborns to teens and pass it on to all of you.”   I will also use that same passion to help you create a dynasty generate increases in your business with straightforward and specialized media managing skills that guarantee your connection and scope will grow. Keep up to date reading our posts and discover valuable insights that can make parenting and succeeding in the business of the blogger– the most exciting adventure. (Debbie Twomey)


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Ebarbagallo May 23, 2012 at 6:24 pm

Your knowledge is always to our advantage!!


Verda May 24, 2012 at 9:25 am

I can’t Pin  or Tweet  but  I love your articles ………  8 )


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