Safety And Technology Part 3

by Debbie Twomey on October 10, 2013

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In my previous 2 blogs I shared some of the concerns parents have about posting photographs and too much information about your young children. Many parents worry about safety in today's technology and even anonymity. These are valid points because we all know there is evil in the world and we would be foolish to believe it cannot gain access to your precious children.

My main concern is not my toddler granddaughter, but when she finally has access to a computer and cell phone herself. It is when our children can get on the internet and start texting and sharing their own information that we truly need to be nervous.

Our children will be much more tech savvy than we ever were, that is a generational advantage or curse, whichever way you view it. Every new generation blames the one before (“In the Living Years”) and faces even more technology and subsequent dangers. And every new generation hears the lament “when I was young we did not or we did…..”

What each new generation shares with its predecessors is the idea that they are more immoral, less responsible and cause for concern for the previous generation. We worry about what will happen to our children and then what will happen to our world if these children do not mature and develop conscientiously.

The real truth is there has always been danger and crime in the world that touches out children even when we try our best to protect them. The difference today is we now hear about it more, and the exposure is much wider. In the past, families and neighbors closed ranks and things were kept more hush hush. It was just so difficult to accept that another human being could intentionally harm our precious children—but they did!

I pray it is not the case but I too worry that this generation is raising children with a misplaced sense of entitlement and very little empathy. There is a growing anxiety that too much information, opportunity to cause harm and selfishly disregard others is now considered the “new normal”.

The story of the teens that were illegally drinking and partying at Brian Holloway’s home is a prime example of why we need to be nervous. It was bad enough the kids were committing a crime but the parent’s reactions to having their kid’s Tweets and photos posted by Mr. Holloway caused a public uproar.

We need to protect our children and one of the best ways to insure that is to teach them responsibility. We need to make consequences for actions that are unacceptable just as we did when our toddlers were learning. If they want access to cell phones and computers, we need to safeguard them in whatever way possible because they are teens and they do not always know best.

As a parent we need to not just hand over cell phones or cars or any item that can be potentially hazardous if misused. Computers serve many useful functions but also pose a danger. Teach your children not only how to use a computer or cell phone and social media correctly but maturely and sensibly. If they cannot abide by the rules then it is a parent’s obligation to have reasonable consequences that help teach our children to do the right thing even when confronted by peer pressure all teens face.

Dangers of internet for children

Predators — teach your child to avoid chat rooms or meeting people they do not truly know.

Cyber bullying—no one has the right to intentionally bully or ruin another human beings reputation or life

Pornography (posting their own racy pictures where they remain forever)—there is no such thing as “innocent” when nudity is posted for the world to see

Personal reputation damage — future college acceptance or employment opportunities could be lost


Parents must be proactive with their children. Keep the dialogue open so your child can trust coming to you but always remember they are still immature and may need monitoring more than we like to admit.  There are trackers for cell phones and computers as well as the good old-fashioned contingency of Parental Supervision.


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