Happiness Engineers


Let us become your "Happiness Engineers"  by providing you with a variety of services guaranteed to expand  your reach , increase your business and brand awareness, free up your precious time and make you very happy customers. We can lighten your load by becoming your "voice" in social media which will allow you to have more time for important matters such as family. 

"Being in business for yourself is a challenge but one that can be made easier with the right Social Media Manager. We can take the hassle out of trying to find the time to parent and blog. Let us take some of that bother for you by letting us socially “mediamanage” for you and extend your “reach".

Let us honor your time and energy and become a valuable resource in your success. http://www.djtwomey.com/mommy-bloggers-social-media-manager

Let us engineer your happiness by navigating the world of Social Media and assist you on delivering real value to your targeted ideal client by communicating to a wider audience than you ever imagined possible.

Profile management/Client Services:  $23.00/hour

  • Proofread blog posts –not just spell check “that tells you if word is spelled wrong not if it is the wrong word”
  • Create Hootsuite blurbs—Twitter, Facebook (personal and business), LinkedIn
  • Research—key words, similar niches, related business information
  • Search for related graphic inspirations
  • Become your Voice–respond to direct messages from your clients
  • Send Out cards
  • Call backs/check calls
  • Updates–including any new technology
  • Contact manager-create and update
  • Hashtag developer-what search engines are used
  • Determine which social media platform competitors use most effectively
  • Postings at optimal times-this can include opt-ins, call to action, Youtube or Vimeo links, specials
  • Provide weekly/monthly reports (Hootsuite or Google analytics)
  • Grow your audience (Twellow, Tweet adder) or unfollow  undesirables (Manageflitter)
  • Can respond to comments to keep communication and connection flowing




mary       Dr Mary Starr (www.thetotalwellnessdoc.com)  This is so helpful.  Debbie Twomey's  Social Media Content Management give me back precious hours with my son.  Your service makes me money while we are at the park, on vacation, and even sleeping.  It's such a good investment!  





156020_3003964555816_671992147_n  Roxanne Seeber (red4roxie.com)  When I get stuck and need help Debbie is right there to bail me out. When I was having computer problems she stepped in the gap for me, enabling me to get my weekly post out on schedule. She has helped me understand the ins and outs of aweber, and always shares her expertise and tips that make me be better than I am. She is incredibly dedicated and I know she'll be the one I'll call to stay current and up to date with the trends.





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