I went as a special visitor to to my 4 year old nephew's Head Start class. The other kids wanted to sit in my lap along with my nephew . So Anthony kept telling everyone, 'this is MY Aunt Debbie," and  as a result, his friend Jessie thought that was my whole name. For the next few years, every time Jessie saw me he would say hi myAuntDebbie as if it were all one name.

I had a 1year old little girl in my daycare who could snap her fingers. Allie would watch me and put her hand over mine when I snapped so I taught her to do it herself. If you think this is a simple task of dexterity and fine motor skills, try it with your one year old. Most are not that developed to be able to master such a skill. Amazing Allie!!!






Engaging toddlers can be so much fun. One of the best children's songs to do this is Itsy Bitsy Spider. Even a one-year old can sing along and it provides the opportunity for them to learn a new part as they grow. Joshua is just one and has mastered the finger movement for the spider and knows the second verse begins with "Down" which he supplies without prompts. He happily makes the spider to let you know he is ready for another chorus and then claps excitedly when it is done.


Children have an amazing capacity to learn at speeds we adults can only envy. Treasure (and even keep a record in an album or journal) the mistakes they make along the way, one day they will be a memory that brings a smile to your heart. Here are a few of my favorites:



Contributed by Joshua (Sue's son)

Bapatism–he thought that was what his Comminion was

"babies are 'agusting" when he was with McKenna

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