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Are you new to blogging? Having trouble getting your words down the way you visualize them in your head? Sometimes what we think is not as easy to put into words. Or you may not be in the rhythm of writing yet and have forgotten some of your basic grammar rules.

There are many reasons why writing can be a challenge, not the least of which you are used to talking one way and it just does not translate into print. No matter what the explanation if you are a blogger, you want your message to be understood by all your readers.

Turn browsers into readers! Design blogs that get noticed and serve the purpose you intended.



I.  Tweak     Auto- correct— punctuation marks, Capitalizing, spelling (spell check does not always recognize what word you meant to use)                                  

 “Imagene people cuming to you’re page and discovring that you cant spell or right. Nothing loses intrest like copy that is slopy, mispseled or inacurate. Blogs should be in your “voice” but not street talk, rong words or miss information.”

Programs like Word Perfect have spell checkers, but if you do not know how to spell it may not always insert the correct word. If you are not proficient in grammar or punctuation, it may be wise to invest in a professional that has writing experience and have your copy tweaked before posting.



II.  Polish and Shine     Fine- tuningUsing the correct word, tense or conjunctions. Common mistakes are:  there  they’re, their, right write, Your, You're

If you totally rely on Spell Check it could insert the wrong word. For example: mediation for medication. It does not always recognize the tense of what verb you use and there are even times when you may purposely want to use the incorrect word for effect and it corrects it. It could let form go through when you meant from which would change the meaning of your sentence.

Inserting commas, semicolons: colons: and periods.— where needed.



III.   Pop    Voice-OverWeb content writing. Keeping the integrity of your own voice, we tighten up the sentences, help with sharing information stats, and concepts. We offer creative input to making your writing interesting and informative while maintaining your vision. We try to include outbound links that support or better inform on your topic since this is a great practice. We will always name sources for content that is not your own. You may also want to add terminology (such as medical or technical words) to your dictionary.

You may be at a loss for the BEST word to convey your message or product and this is where fine-tuning can make a declarative difference.  We can generate Headlines that get noticed and content that keeps attention. We implement keyword research without oversaturation.



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Writing a blog  serves many purposes. Blogging offers:

  • to keep you connected to family,
  • helps you connect to people who share your interests
  • makes it possible to promote services or products
  • helps others who have a need for what you offer (information or product)
  • allows you to share thoughts and to establish yourself as an expert in that niche,
  • creates the potential to make money
  • keeps your expertise up to date with research for your blog
  •  outlet for creativity  
  •  and best of all, helps others who may need your know-how. 

Bonus:  A Few Crucial Blogging Tips

  1.        Use other websites within your blog
  2.        Read other blogs in your niche and post comments
  3.        Use a newsletter service such as Aweber to create your lists
  4.        URLs should be short and concise—grab the audience
  5.        Share with other bloggers and return he favor
  6.        Keywords should appear within your posts
  7.        Tweet, Hootsuite, Facebook at optimal times daily

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