Yesterday, Today, and Tomorrow

by Debbie Twomey on June 21, 2012


 Yesterday  1968 
She stands in her bedroom, and to the observer, it is just a room. But, in her imagination, it is so much more. The shelves have become a lab and she is busy monitoring screens and writing the results in the notebook. There are so many lights and noises, but she knows what every single one stands for and when it is not working correctly. After all, she created the inner workings of this vast machine and every day she adds the information necessary to keep it running. She then summarizes the data and keeps track for the other scientists. She loves research, programming and seeing the final results of what she has created.
She got the idea to become a computer programmer from one of her favorite movies, “The Desk Set.” She liked the role of Katherine Hepburn, an information specialist who was now being replaced by a computer.” Network research whiz Bunny Watson does not believe that new fangled computer or electronic brain can ever be as good as her department of whiz masters.” EMEREK (the computers acronym name) cannot handle the constant pace of data input as well as the office and gets all discombobulated (with help of a hairpin) proving the machine can only be as good as the people who control it.                                         
She loves learning and especially loves to gather information and does not even know just how helpful that will be to her one day. The girl understands all of this and is fascinated by the aspect of not only running a computer program (as was such in 1968) but in researching and being responsible for so much information and how it is shared. It is just a game but she wonders how long before it becomes real.She dreams of one day being like Bunny in the movie or even more, a computer analyst. Right now it feels like her daydream she once had of being able to fly–kind of far-fetched.
Years later, as she goes from one job to another, her sister Karen comments that she thought for sure, she would have gone into computers or science research. She is not even sure why it did not happen, but knows it may have something to do with her math and science aptitude in high school—fear and insecurity made her lose sight of her dream and she went down a different path.
She goes over the checklist. There is a certain amount of data required to complete her task and she needs to be sure it is all included. It is important to have it done correctly, not only for her reputation and her client’s request but to maximize the results.
She enters the data, she researches Tag words and Websites to see the result it needs to Reach the target audience and she keeps track of all this information in folders on her computer.
 Technology changes quickly so she needs to update her training and be sure she understands and changes with it. She is responsible for a great deal of facts and figures and in sharing them with the right audience and saving her clients time while getting their message out to as many people as possible.
She sits (instead of standing as she did when she was playing with the large computers) and types in codes, graphics, URL links and much more than she could even fathom all those years ago. She creates Facebook business pages for her clients. She assists in setting up websites and posts blogs. She demonstrates the best way to get viewed on the Internet (no it was not even a thought back then) and decides between Hashtags and Hoots, what will work best for her client.
It excites her to be involved in the world of computers and information and research. Who could have imagined 40 years ago, that this would now be her occupation? She is a computer programmer of sorts—perhaps not on the level of those who write them, but for all intents and purposes, for those who read them.
It was not until she saw Sid the Science Kid (while watching her little friend) this past week that she even remembered those games and that thought of becoming a computer analyst. Sid’s mom came to school to show the kids how she writes programs for a computer and just like a lightning bolt, she had an “aha moment”.
“I do that. How did I not even realize it till just now? “And suddenly, that little girl, in that bedroom, working so diligently, came rushing back in her mind’s eye. Without even knowing it, she fulfilled that dream of wanting to work with research and computers.
The Internet has become a valuable resource and the way it is advancing, will become even more essential for most households. Add the smart phone and it becomes mind boggling— the places we will go. Her yesterday, today and tomorrow have all met here and now. One dream became a reality and it has taken a kid's show to help her realize it was hers.
There is an explosion of information and social media is the key to harnessing that energy. I will be at the forefront of the momentum and do my very best. social media managing on—you guessed it —-a computer!  This was my dream and thanks to two very special people and their vision, it is now the new direction in my life. Watch me SOAR.

"I have dedicated my life to the care and welfare of children. I feel privileged to share what I have learned with you. I am also committed to continuously learning.  I will keep informed of the latest information in parenting children from newborns to teens and pass it on to all of you.”   I will also use that same passion to help you create a dynasty generate increases in your business with straightforward and specialized media managing skills that guarantee your connection and scope will grow. Keep up to date reading our posts and discover valuable insights that can make parenting and succeeding in the business of the blogger– the most exciting adventure. (Debbie Twomey)

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Ebarbagallo June 22, 2012 at 2:33 pm

Wow what a story:)  You have come such a long way yourself and now helping others to do the same.  You are Awesome!


Christina (Tina) Morley June 25, 2012 at 7:12 am

I loved this post! Thanks for sharing! I’m learning as fast as I can, but there are still things that I don’t understand, like how can a new blog with only a few posts get approved by Google Adsense, but my blogs have not? I’m not earning any money yet from all my writing and I love writing and posting relevant photos, etc. I’ve been networking like crazy, which keeps me from writing my blog posts. Yikes! I’ve not written a guest post yet either, something that I’d like to do. Any tips on a stay-at-home mom with a non-profit ministry making money with her blogging?


Lori July 2, 2012 at 8:08 pm

Cool beans.  Living your dream.


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